SAP UI5 with FIORI Training in Pune

SAP UI5 with FIORI Syllabus

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)

  • Creating our first web page line breaks, paragraphs and headers
  • bold, italics and comments
  • lists
  • linking to another page
  • images , directory structures
  • New audio tag, New video tag
  • Table, Forms
  • Get/Post method, action

Cascade Style sheet(CSS)

  • External style sheet
  • Font properties
  • CSS comments
  • Box model, padding,border, margin, padding.
  • Classes
  • Div and Span
  • working with colors
  • Background images
  • ID's, child selectors, pseudo classes
  • Styling links, styling lists


Document Object Model(DOM)

  • Document Object Model
  • Relating HTML Elements
  • slibings, parent node, and child node
  • Identifying HTML Element
  • Tranversing HTML Elements


  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Statements and Comments
  • Finding Errors
  • Variables, Data Types
  • Operators
  • Strings
  • Events
  • Functions, Functions with Parameters
  • Functional with Multiple Parameters
  • Variable scope
  • Arrays
  • Statements if, else, nesting if, Complex Conditions, switch
  • While loop, for loop
  • Objects, properties and methods
  • Referencing elements in JavaScript
  • Changing an image source
  • Forms, form values
  • Form validation text boxes, and passwords
  • Radio buttons, Check Boxes
  • Creating HTML Element
  • Modifying HTML Elements
  • Appending HTML Elements
  • Deleting HTML Elements
  • Regular Expressions
  • Object oriented Javascript
  • Prototype in Javascript
  • Javascript Literals
  • Javascript Objects, properties, and functions.



  • Introduction to jQuery
  • Creating a project using jQuery
  • jQuery DOM Element Selectors
  • jQuery DOM Traversal
  • jQuery DOM Modification
  • jQuery effects and animation
  • jQuery Events
  • jQuery UI Speciial Effects


Introduction to SAPUI5

  • Installation of Eclipse and creating SAPUI5 project
  • Walkthrough of SAPUI5 controls, create a sample project
  • Understanding Control, control properties, events, aggregations - creating own custom controls, complex controls
  • Creating SAPUI5 view using JavaScript View, XML View - Binding Data to View
  • Data binding types Property binding, Element Binding, Aggregation Binding
  • Data Model types as JSON Model , XML Model and Resource Model
  • Data model type OData.
  • Creating Custom SAPUI5 Project


SAP Netweaver Gateway Using OData Service

  • Overview of NetWeaver Gateway



  • Installing Web IDE Locally, using HANA trail account
  • Features of Web IDE
  • Creating Project in SAP Web IDE
  • Creating Fiori Application in SAP Web IDE
  • Using Layout Design
  • Versions of IDE
  • Creating Splitt App, App
  • Databinding in SAP Web IDE
  • Calling OData in UI5 using Web IDE (Destinations)
  • Adding Mock data to Project
  • Git Repository
  • Extending Standard Applications
  • Deployment option is SAP Web IDE using SAPUI5 ABAP Repository/SAP HANA Cloud


SAP Fiori

  • Overview of SAP Fiori
  • SAP Fiori Design Principles
  • Creating Project in SAP Web IDE
  • Creating Fiori Application in SAP Web IDE
  • Extending Standard Fiori Applications
  • SAP Fiori Launchpad
  • Installation Guidelines
  • System Landscape for Transactional Applications
  • System Landscape for Factsheet Applications
  • System Landscape for Analytical Applications
  • Extending transactional Applications
  • Overview on extending Factsheet Applications
  • Overview on extending Analytical Applications
  • Creating Custom Launched Pad
  • Creating Catelogs, and group

Adding Custom Applications to LaunchPad



  • Revising the Topics
  • Assignment on Custom Application
  • Assignment on Extending Standard Applications