Mean Stack Training Pune

Mean Stack Training Pune


  • MongoDB
  • NodeJS and ExpressJs
  • AngularJS2



Design Goals, Architecture and Installation

  • What is need for Non RDBMS. Benefits of using Document based databases.

CRUD Operations

  • In this module, you will get an understanding of CRUD Operations and their functional usage. Read/write operations with CRUD.

Schema Design and Data Modelling

  • In this module, you will learn Schema Design and Data Modelling in mongoDB®. Various data structure and tools available to manage Data Model in MongoDB.


  • In this module you will learn MongoDB® Administration activities such as Health Check, Backup, Recovery, Data Import/Export, Performance tuning etc.

Scalability and Availability

  • In this module, you will understand the setup and configuration of mongoDB® High Availability, Disaster Recovery, and Load Balancing.


Indexing and Aggregation Framework

  • In this module, you will learn the Indexing and Aggregation Framework in mongoDB®.


NodeJS and ExpressJs

Introduction to NodeJs.

  • Understanding Asynchronous tasks and Callbacks. Introduction to NPM and ES6.

Object Oriented JavaScripts

  • Learning advance concepts in Javascript like clousers , prototype, callbacks and javascript patterns. Benefits of using same language in frontend and backend.

Modules, Packages, Event Streams.

  • You will learn to create, export and use reusable modules.

Files I/O, Socket I/O, Forks, Spawns and the Process Module

  • You will learns some advance features in NodeJs

TDD with Jasmine/KARMA or Mocha/Chai

  • Test driven development using Jasmine and KARMA

Building WebApps with ExpressJS

  • You will learn building RESTful application using Express Js’s Routes and Templates.


  • You will also be introduced to Sails and KOA frameworks.

New Age Web Frameworks Sails and KOA.

  • Learn to choose framework according to your needs. Evaluate Pros and cons of different frameworks.



Introduction to AnguarJS Version 2 and TypeScript

  • Receive an overview of JavaScript MVC pattern, Typescript, introduction to Angular2, and how to set up a basic Angular2 Project for development.

Components and Dependency Injection

  • Concepts behind web components and how to create them in Angular2, and how to share data and functionality between components.

Routes, Inbuilt Directives and Pipes

  • Use client-side route in a SPA application as well as understand different inbuilt functionalities of DOM manipulation in Angular2..

Custom Directives and Pipes

  • Learn how to create your own directives and pipes for DOM manipulation.

Third Party Modules and Testing

  • Explore how to integrate your application with external libraries like bootstrap and Jquery, explore options to upgrade your legacy AngularJS application and Testing your application.

REST, Grunt, Gulp, Bower.

  • Get started with Node.js. You will understand why and how to use build systems like Grunt or Gulp. You will also learn how to use Yeoman for web project scaffolding and Bower for handling front end dependencies.

 Mean Stack Training Pune

Programme can be customized as per your requirements .